Boë Superior Gin

Distilled Gin

Boë // Scotland

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Boë Superior Gin celebrates the legacy of Professor Franz de la Boë, who has been (incorrectly) cited for inventing gin in 1658 as a medical tonic that could cure all sorts of diseases. Despite the mistaken credit, this gin is made with a neutral grain spirit infused with 13 botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom, angelica, ginger, almonds, orris root, cassia bark, licorice, orange, lemon and cubeb berry. It is bottled at 47% ABV.

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  • Distilled Gin
    This style of gin takes a neutral spirit and then adds juniper berries and other natural flavorings before it is re-distilled. After distillation, additional flavors (artificial or natural) and sweeteners may be added.
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