Bristol Black Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum

Bristol // England

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Bristol Spirits, a UK independent rum bottler, is revered for purchasing exceptional casks from rum distilleries, then selling them unadulterated and clearly labeling the provenance. The Bristol Black Spiced is a departure from the norm, as they blend rums from Mauritius and the now defunct Caroni distillery in Trinidad. The spices are a proprietary blend, including blackstrap molasses, salt liquorice, and orange zest.

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  • Spiced Rum
    Rum that is flavored with a variety of spices, natural or artificial. They can be aged, though there is no requirement to do so.
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Tasting Notes

"Unlike many spiced rums targeted at the shot-loving crowd, the Bristol Black is neither a vanilla bomb nor overpoweringly sweet. In the glass, it’s an almost impenetrable deep mahogany color. The nose is deceptively delicate, but take a sip and experience an explosion of fruitcake, mince, and tea. It finishes with a delightful tobacco note. At 82 proof, it’s easily sipped neat but could easily withstand a touch more ABV. An ideal rum for sipping by a roaring fire while it snows outside."

Score 90

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