Captain Morgan White Rum

Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan // Puerto Rico

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Captain Morgan rum is named after Sir Henry Morgan, who was a highly successful privateer (meaning a "legal pirate" who worked for the government to attack enemies who owed money and kept a portion of the loot as payment). Their white rum is molasses based, distilled 5 times and mixed with tropical spices. It's aged a year in oak and filtered for clarity.

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    Rum that is flavored with a variety of spices, natural or artificial. They can be aged, though there is no requirement to do so.
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Tasting Notes

"It basically tastes like sweet vodka that's had Juicy Fruit gum steeping in it. For those who were around in the late 70s and 80s, you'll recognize the scent of sun lotion, the kind that was supposed to help you tan as opposed to keep your skin healthy. Sweet cinnamon and nutmeg come in faintly. The finish comes off much hotter than its 80 proof."

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Fruity