Caravedo Pisco Acholado


Caravedo // Peru

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Each bottle of this Peruvian pisco is made from 18 lbs. of quebranta, Italia, torontel, and albillia grapes. It's distilled from fully fermented wine through German alambique and ancient Falca stills to 86 proof. It's rested a minimum of one year with no additives.

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    Brandy distilled from grapes and produced in either Peru or Chile. In Peru, there are eight allowable grapes and in Chile, there are three. Peruvian Pisco is distilled only once in a pot-still and no wood aging is allowed. Peruvian pisco cannot have any alterations including dilution. Chilean pisco can be distilled multiple times, can be aged, and can be diluted prior to bottling.
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Tasting Notes

"This pisco has a strong, pleasant aroma of berries, raisins and underripe banana. Its flavor expands on that, with balanced hints of floral jasmine, tart orange and thyme. It would make a fantastic addition to a Pisco Sour or a Daiquiri, but is also very nice on its own."

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