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Cointreau // France

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Cointreau is a clear, orange flavored liqueur developed in 1875 by Édouard Cointreau, son of one of the co-founding brothers of the distillery. In 1885 it became the first registered brand of triple sec, although the brand dropped "triple sec" from its name in early 20th century. It is made with both bitter and sweet orange peels which are macerated in neutral alcohol and then distilled. The only other ingredients are sugar and water. Suitable for any recipe calling for triple sec.

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    Both triple sec and curaçao are orange flavored liqueurs. Triple sec is clear typically made with a neutral grain base. Curaçao is generally orange or blue and historically has a brandy base. Curaçao is often also flavored with additional spices, but does not have to originate in the isle. Generally the higher the ABV for both, the better the quality.
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"Cointreau is clear in both clarity and its intense orange aroma. It is full bodied and is sweet on the palate with a strong orange flavor. The alcohol strength helps to keep the orange liqueur from being cloying but the raw spirit peaks out at times. Very mild spices like cinnamon and nutmeg appear. Will add bright orange flavor to any mixed drink. "

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