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Contratto Bitter Liqueur

Bitter Liqueurs

Contratto // Piemonte, Italy

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Contratto Bitter Liqueur is made using 24 herbs, spices, roots, and seeds such as aloe, bitter and sweet orange peels, cardamom, cloves, gentian root, ginger, hibiscus, mint, rhubarb, sage, and wormwood among others. These botanicals are cold-infused in Italian brandy. The color is 100% natural from vegetable extracts (carrots and beets).

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  • Bitter Liqueurs
    Much like amaro, bitter liqueurs are made from the maceration or distillation (or combination) of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, or other botanicals. Bitter liqueurs are often red or orange in color, although they needn’t be. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies widely.
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