Domaine d'Aurensan Armagnac 1975 Single Cask


Domaine d'Aurensan // Ténarèze, France

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New to the American market, the Domaine d'Aurensan represents the pinnacle of artisanal vintage armagnac production -- already a category very distant from commercial releases. The laundry list of attention to details follows: native yeast fermentation, no addition of sulfur, alembic distillation, barrels built from wood on the property, bottling with no addition of color, filtration, or addition of water. They are even moving into biodynamic viticulture -- a near anomaly in the region. They don't refill barrels as they are aging at the estate which allows for lots of interaction with oxygen over the 40 years of aging for a big, rich profile and at the disadvantage of plenty of evaporation of spirit over the process. An armagnac made with no cut corners.

  • age
    40 Year
  • abv
  • Armagnac
    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specified grapes . Typically, only single-distilled, but not required. Aged in oak. Minimum aging: if VS-1 year (2 years, if exported), VSOP-5 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018. Previously 6 years), Hors d’Age-10 years.
  • Cask Type
    Gascony Oak

Tasting Notes

"It's no easy feat to let a spirit age for 40 years in barrel and still be drinkable. One must have a deep knowledge of their cellar and how their brandies age. On this achievement alone this is an armagnac well deserving of your attention. That being said, a 40 year old brandy will not be for everyone's taste. The aromatics are quite fresh with butterscotch, hard toffee, and a bit of reduced plum. In the mouth the flavors journey from marzipan and crème brûlée to spice, cinnamon, and finally a ghost of orange marmalade. The whole package is encased in dark wood tannins and dense mouthfeel. This is deep and completely resolved. Some tasters may enjoy more fruit, but for a brandy lover who enjoys the rich oak and rancio flavor that only age can bring, this is outstanding. "

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Rancio & Woody