Eric Bordelet Selection "Henri Bernard Beudin" 1997 Single Cask Calvados


Eric Bordelet Selection // Calvados, France


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Eric Bordelet already produces some of Normandy's most sought out cider, and though he is now distilling his own product, it is not quite ready for release. He has selected this barrel from his neighbor, Henri Bernard Beudin, who holds to the strictest values. No water was added to the used Chenin Blanc wine barrels at any point of the spirit's life, and the resulting Calvados was bottled unfiltered and without any additives. Even the fairly common use of cleaning the barrels with sulfur dioxide was eschewed and distillation took place on an old-fashioned, single-run, column-still. Only 744 half bottles produced!

  • age
    18 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Calvados
    Brandy distilled from apples (pear is allowed and in some sub-regions, required) from a delimited region in northwest France. Must be aged a minimum of 2 years in oak. Minimum aging if labeled: Fine-2 years, Réserve-3 years, VSOP-4 years, Hors d’Age-6 years
  • Cask Type
    French Oak that previously held Chenin Blanc

Tasting Notes

"The best Calvados retain an apple fruit quality in a way that the best Armagnac and Cognac do not reflect with grape. The aromatics here soar with a pure orchard fruit that shifts back and forth from luscious, candied, apple preserves and more savory autumn flavors of wood smoke. The 53% alcohol never betrays itself and the spirit is surprisingly drinkable for its strength and concentration. In a similar trick, the 18 years in wood have left only the slightest hint of oak tannin and seems to have focused and enhanced the fruit instead of obscuring it with vanilla. Highest recommendation, best in class. "

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Fruity & Sweet