Famous Grouse 21 Year

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Famous Grouse // Scotland

  1. ScotchingHard

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    This is a review of the Famous Grouse 18 year old. This is a discontinued bottling that deserves a lil backstory. 10 years ago, I could not afford a Macallan 18 bottle. Even the 12 year olds, though, were legendary. Yet, they were being used for blends. Little did they know..: Now that most Macallans are overrated and insanely overpriced, it’s no wonder that the aged Famous Grouses, which contain a healthy portion of Macallan and Highland Park, are discontinued. I can now buy the contemporary Mac 18s without guilt, but the old 18 bottlings are over $1000, and outside of sanity for the whisky drinker. The closest thing to a bottle of the old 18 I managed is this Famous Grouse 18, for $60. This is not Macallan 18. But It contains 18 year old Macallan from before the transition to Edrington. It also has an obvious dose of Highland Park. This is probably from less desirable casks. Still, the sherry influence is overwhelming. It smells like sweetened grape juice. You just don’t get that anymore with today’s whiskies. On the palate, rich raisins and plums. Grape peels. Chocolate. Wood spices. And a definite brine from the Highland Park influence. The finish is somewhat short, and overall this suffers from being watered down. Still, if you find this on a shelf for less than $100, this is a recommended purchase. MARK: 86 / 100
    60.0 USD per Bottle
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