Fernet del Frate


Fernet del Frate // Switzerland

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Fernet del Frate is a brand owned by Tempus Fugit Spirits. Produced in Switzerland, the recipe for this fernet includes colombo root, saffron, and myrrh. It was first introduced in 2013 and Tempus Fugit claims to have discovered an invoice and recipe for the bitter liqueur attributing it to a monk named Frate Angelico (Brother Angelico). Bottled at 44% ABV with no additional color added.

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    Amaro means “bitter” in Italian. No legal definition exists, and though it originated in Italy, amaro (plural: amari) can be made anywhere. Originally created to aid in digestion, it is a bittersweet liqueur made from the maceration or distillation (or combination) of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, or other botanicals. Often uses neutral spirit as the base, but other liquor or wine made be used. Can be aged. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies, but tends to be 20-40%.
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