Fifty Stone Single Malt

American Single Malt

Fifty Stone // Maine, USA

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Fifty Stone Single Malt is made in the "Scottish Style" in Portland, Maine by Maine Craft Distilling. Made from 100% Maine-grown barley, the distillery uses local peat and locally harvested seaweed in the malting process. The single malt aged in oak for an unspecified amount of time. Fifty Stone gets its name from the idea that it took fifty stone (equivalent of 700 pounds or 317.5 kg) of barley for one barrel of whiskey.

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  • American Single Malt
    Made in the USA from 100% malted barley. Distilled at one distillery. Matured in oak casks no larger than 700L. Distilled to no higher than 160 proof (80% ABV). Bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV) or higher. (This is the proposed Standard of Identity by the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission.)
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