Flor del Desierto Sotol

Sotol Blanco

Flor del Desierto // Chihuahua, Mexico

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Don Gerardo Ruelas is the Maestro Sotolero of Flor del Desierto ("desert flower") and distills his products from the sotol, a flowering plant. The plant is not an agave, so this is neither a mezcal nor a tequila. For this limited-edition bottling, the sotol grows for 18 to 22 years before it's harvested from the dry deserts of Coyame del Sotol in Chihuahua.

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  • Sotol Blanco
    Distilled from the Dasylirion wheeleri (aka desert spoon). Technically not an agave. Must be distilled in the Mexican states of Coahuila, Chihuahua, or Durango. Unaged.
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