Garden Grown Gin

Modern Gin

Garden Grown Gin // New South Wales, Australia

  1. dotau

    4.0 out of 5 stars
  2. cascode

    3.25 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Highly fragrant but also very crisp and clean. Rose, sage and jasmine are the main aromas but there is also a lavender note, which is odd as it's not one of the listed botanicals (maybe it's another facet of rose I'm smelling - hmm). Palate: A fresh, crisp, almost effervescent arrival that segues into a vigorous palate. Not that it's overpowering or heavy at all, but tasted neat it fairly leaps from the glass and there's a shimmering light pepper note as well. The only thing I've tasted that is similarly alive is Cotswolds gin but that has a more spicy profile rather than floral. The texture is light and ethereal, but not thin - very interesting. Finish: Medium. Fragrant, slightly sweet but almost dry on the end. No bitterness at all in the aftertaste. The botanicals are exceptionally pure and focused in this gin. The nose is subtle but laser-sharp in definition and the palate is crisp and tangy. It reminds me a little of the profile of Hendricks, but this is more precise and bright whereas Hendricks (to my palate) always seems a little vague and flaccid (sorry fans). It also has a slight resemblance to The Botanist. This is a good gin to drink neat over a chip of ice, or with plain soda water. Unfortunately, for all it's subtle charm, purity, brightness and forward nature when neat it is quite delicate and it disappears under the weight of most tonics - even Fever Tree Premium is too much. I finally tried Fever Tree Mediterranean which worked well, but anything more flavourful is too much. "Above Average" : 3.25 stars
    78.0 AUD per Bottle
  3. briannashields

    3.75 out of 5 stars
    94.0 AUD per Bottle
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