George Washington Unaged Rye Whiskey


George Washington's Mount Vernon // Virginia, USA

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The Limited Edition unaged rye from George Washington Distillery in Mount Vernon, Virginia is released with much fanfare just a couple times a year in very limited quantities. Available for purchase at the distillery's visitor center, George Washington Unaged Rye Whiskey is based on a 200 year old recipe that supposedly belonged to the eponymous American president. Made from 60% rye, 35% corn, and 5% malted barley, it is distilled twice in a copper pot still and bottled at 43% ABV without aging.

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    Distilled from a cereal mash bill comprised of any grain(s). Generally unaged except in the US, where it must age at least briefly in oak for an unspecified amount of time. Sometimes sold as "moonshine" although that is a misnomer.
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