Glendalough Premium Irish Poitín


Glendalough // Ireland

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Glendalough prides itself on being Ireland's first craft distillery, founded by 5 friends from Dublin and Wicklow in 2011. Their signature Poitín (pronounced "po-tcheen," which means "pot stilled whiskey," the original Irish "water of life") is made from a classic recipe, distilled from sugar beets and malted barley. Though it's clear, it has actually been lightly aged in virgin oak and filtered for clarity. The image on the bottle is St. Kevin, the monk credited with introducing pot stilled whiskey to Ireland in the 16th century.

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  • White
    Distilled from a cereal mash bill comprised of any grain(s). Generally unaged except in the US, where it must age at least briefly in oak for an unspecified amount of time. Sometimes sold as "moonshine" although that is a misnomer.
  • Cask Type
    virgin oak

Tasting Notes

"One can actually taste both the beets and barley right away. It has a distinguished malty, slightly smoky and sweet flavor. It also has some of that young whiskey acetone firewater quality, but it would almost be disappointing if it didn't. It would be an interesting one to try for those who like dabbling in white whiskeys."

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