GlenDronach Boynsmill 16 Year

Single Malt

GlenDronach // Highlands, Scotland

  1. Soba45

    3.75 out of 5 stars
    Ok I've given RB a decent run. Peated Portwood - disjointed and disappointing, Glendronach Forgue 10 year - Average, nothing whiskey, and now this effort. I sadly wept into my glass as I realised the Glendronach I know and love is gone. Yes single casks will still be great and maybe original efforts from BW which are copied should be ok but anything newly blended is a disappointment. Now to be fair it's a small sample and no 5 in duty free and he said others really liked it so maybe I'm not doing it justice. It's not bad but it's no 15 year Revival, no 18 year Allardice etc. It's a shadow of the great masters efforts. Drop everything you are doing, working, feeding your kids, changing a spare tire and run out the door or jump online and stock up on the 18 year and 21 year stock NOW. In a few years time you'll either be thanking me or kicking yourself.
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