Gran Duque d'Alba Solera Gran Reserva


Gran Duque d'Alba // Jerez, Spain

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Gran Duque d'Alba is owned by the Williams & Humbert group who produces, along with wines, liqueurs, and brandies also makes Dry Sack sherry and the Dos Maderas rums. The Solera Gran Reserva is made from airén and palomino grapes and is aged in former sherry butts that held oloroso sherry.

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    Brandy distilled in Spain, with Brandy de Jerez being the most common type. Brandy de Jerez is typically produced from the Airén grape from La Mancha and can be either column-distilled or pot-distilled. Must be aged in the Jerez region, though typically distilled elsewhere. It must be aged in oak that has previously held sherry wine and is usually aged in a Solera system.
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Tasting Notes

"The aroma of Gran Duque d'Alba Solera Gran Reserva isn't as intense as others in this category, but what is there is pleasant with a mix of raisins, peaches, and plums with just a hint of fresh herbs. This continues on the light-bodied taste with a slightly smoky and leathery flavor. The brandy feels hot on the gums, not exactly balanced, and though this wouldn't be something you'd grab to drink neat, this would make a nice substitution for aged rum in a cocktail."

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