Green Hat Summer Cup

Gin Liqueur

Green Hat // Washington DC, USA

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“Cups” are a popular English tradition of combining gin with a variety of extra botanicals, herbs, spices, fruit, and some sort of sweetener. By far the market leader is Pimm’s, but the craft gin boom in America and abroad has ushered in a handful of competitors. Cue Washington DC’s Green Hat gin and their Summer Cup. The gin base is the distillery’s navy-strength gin which is combined with DC’s local Capitoline White Vermouth among a slew of other flavorful components. The traditional way to enjoy is with lemon-lime soda or ginger ale.

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  • Gin Liqueur
    A liqueur which uses gin at its base the addition of sugar. Fruit is commonly used as well as flowers, herbs, spices and/or other vegetables. The main component(s) are typically front and center on the label. Fruit cups such as Pimm's Cup also fall into this category.
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Tasting Notes

"Initially one notices that this a more amber/toffee colored beverage than the deep, dark-toned Pimm’s. The aromatics are also much more floral-driven with hints of blooming yellow flowers, earl grey tea, fresh lemon peel, and cardamom. Surprisingly, juniper only shows up a whisper. The palate has great concentration helped by it’s higher alcohol level compared to the industry standard. There is certainly a sweetness, but it is balanced and very pleasantly eases into a glass of ginger ale."

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