Hanson of Sonoma Espresso Vodka

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Hanson of Sonoma // California, USA

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Based in California’s Sonoma County, Hanson is an organic vodka based on grape distillate. A fifty-plate still creates a very pure spirit that is then filtered seven times. The espresso infusion is made from organic beans. It is non-GMO and gluten free.

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Tasting Notes

"This vodka pours an attractive dark amber color reminiscent of a whiskey. The nose is obviously influenced by the coffee infusion with notes of torrefraction, mocha, and a fair amount of berry fruit from the grape spirit base. The palate skews sweet and the fruit tones almost outweigh the espresso character. The finish has a bit of bitter tannin and a bit of alcohol burn. An interesting spirit but ultimately the fruit and coffee combination is more bizarre than delicious."

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Fruity & Harsh