Hayman's Royal Dock Navy-Strength Gin

Navy-Strength Gin

Hayman's // England

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The Hayman family, the longest running gin producing family in England, returned to their family archives to produce Hayman's Royal Dock Navy-Strength Gin. Using a recipe from 1863, they created this Navy-Strength Gin. Named for the Deptford Dock in London, one of the famous homes for the Royal Navy, this gin was given to British sailors during the 19th century. Made with ten different botanicals: juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, angelica root, cinnamon root, cassia bark, orris root, licorice, and nutmeg - this gin is is bottled at 57% ABV.

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  • Navy-Strength Gin
    Referring to gins sold at a minimum of 54.5% ABV, most typically London Dry style.
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Tasting Notes

"Powerfully aromatic with citrus fruits, licorice, and coriander. Of course there is a bit of a punch from the alcohol, but there's enough sweetness and richness with the gin, that this all balances out in the end. Hayman's Royal Dock Navy-Strength Gin has depth and substance from the mix of botanicals and is great for cocktail use where you don't want the gin to get lost, like a Negroni."

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Juniper & Spicy