Hennessy Master Blender's Selection Nº 3


Hennessy // Cognac, France

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Hennessy Master Blender's Selection Nº 3 is the third release in this limited edition series and the first for 8th generation master blender Renaud Filloux de Gironde who succeeded his uncle Yann Fillioux. The Master Blender's series is a selection of single batch cognacs not meant to be duplicated. For Selection Nº 3, eaux de vie aged at least seven years are used. Suggested serving either neat or over a large rock. Bottled at 43% ABV.

  • age
  • abv
  • Cognac
    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specific grapes. Must be double-distilled to no higher than 72% abv. Required to be aged in oak for at least 2 years. Also, if labeled as the following, minimum aging is: VS-2 years, VSOP-4 years, Napoléon 6 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018).
  • Cask Type
    French oak

Tasting Notes

"An enticing aroma of orange pekoe tea sweetened with wildflower honey dominates, giving way to fresh-from-the-oven marzipan pastry. A very easy yet refined Cognac, exceedingly smooth with just a bit of baking spice zing and a perfect acid/sweetness balance."

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