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Hennessy // Cognac, France

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Yann Fillioux is the current Master Blender for Hennessy and in fact, the Fillioux family has been blending for Maison Hennessy for over 200 years. Hennessy VS was first introduced in 1865 by Maurice Hennessy, although the brand was known as "Three Star" rather than VS at the time.

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  • abv
  • Cognac
    Brandy distilled in a delimited region within France from specific grapes. Must be double-distilled to no higher than 72% abv. Required to be aged in oak for at least 2 years. Also, if labeled as the following, minimum aging is: VS-2 years, VSOP-4 years, Napoléon 6 years, XO-10 years (as of April 2018).
  • Cask Type
    French oak

Tasting Notes

"The primary fruit factor is huge on the aroma and shows very little wood or spice factor. The youth of the brandy shows on the palate again with its brightness and fruit-juice flavors. There is little depth and complexity to the cognac, and this is not likely one you will be sipping to contemplate its merits. Which is not to say that it's poorly made. It's just not one to get cerebral with; this is one you want to have in your mixed drinks."

Score 78

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Sweet

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