Highland Park Einar

Peated Single Malt

Highland Park // Islands, Scotland


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Einar [A-nar] Sigurdsson was the joint Earl of Orkney from 1014-1020 along with two of his brothers, which he inherited after his father, Sigurd, died in 1014 at the mighty Battle of Clontarf. His own death came as his youngest brother, Thorfinn was coming of age to claim his share of the earlship. Einar's greed and overbearing ways led to his being killed at the hands of Thorfinn's foster-father. Thorfinn the Mighty, went on to become one of the most powerful of all the earls in Orkney. Einar the whisky is aged in a combination of both European oak and American oak ex-sherry barrels. It is one of six bottlings released in the Warrior series which is only available in Global Travel Retail.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Peated Single Malt
    100% malted barley from a single distillery. Dried with peat.
  • Cask Type
    American oak ex-sherry, European oak ex-sherry

Tasting Notes

"The nose is full of tropical fruits like banana and mango and has bright citrus notes as well. Smoke is present, but you really have to search for it. The weight of the body is average and has a fair amount of oily slickness to it. The flavor leads a little into the smoked fish territory with a briny and mossy quality battling the fruit factor. All of these flavors dissipate before you can declare a winner, but you are left with a slight coffee bitterness and a dull oaky note on your palate."

Score 83

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