Hirsch Selection Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey


Hirsch Selection // Kentucky, USA

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This is a sourced, no-age-statement corn whiskey bottled in Missouri but distilled in Kentucky. To be labeled "corn whiskey" the mashbill must contain at least 80% corn (compared to the 51% corn minimum of bourbon). If it is aged (though not required for this category), it must be aged in a used barrel for an unspecified amount of time. As it is a STRAIGHT corn whiskey, the minimum amount of time is two years.

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    Mash bill at least 80% corn, no requirement to age, but if aged, must be in either new un-charred oak barrels or used oak barrels.
  • Cask Type
    used American oak

Tasting Notes

"It's a drier spirit than one might expect, with less of the corn oil texture common to corn whiskey. It has a nose full of raw alcohol, hay, sweet corn, and caramel. The taste is similar to the nose, with lots of corn, fresh-cut grass, butter, and alcohol. An undisclosed amount of time (a two year minimum) in oak takes a bit of the moonshine edge off. Very little in the way of complexity, but if you enjoy a raw frontier-style spirit, this will please. "

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Oily