Ixá Organic Silver Tequila

Tequila Blanco

Ixá // Tequila Valley, Jalisco, Mexico

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Ixá is an organic tequila distilled in the valley of El Arenal, Jalisco. The agaves are cooked in clay ovens before fermentation and distillation which include both the fibers and liquid in both steps of production, an unusual thing to do when making tequila. As with all products in the Greenbar Collective, for each bottle sold a tree is planted.

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  • Tequila Blanco
    Distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, it is typically unaged , clear, and bottled straight after distillation. Sometimes rested in stainless steel up to 60 days and can also be aged in wood for no more than 30 days.
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Tasting Notes

"Though not intensely so, there are notes of unripe pineapple and a splash of hot sauce. The palate is more on the vegetal and herbal side, but is clean and slightly bitter on the finish. The body is average, not too rich not too thin. This is a solid tequila, one to have in a cocktail rather than for sipping."

Score 86

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