Journeyman Distillery Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur

Coffee/Chocolate Liqueurs

Journeyman // Michigan, USA

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Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur is made using the Michigan distillery's own unaged Featherbone bourbon as its base. Then Needmore Coffee Roasters coffee grounds (organic and ethically sourced coffee) are soaked for several days in this spirit. Later, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, organic cane syrup and water are also added. The snaggletooth mascot on the bottle is Ruby, a Brussels Griffon Terrier.

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  • Coffee/Chocolate Liqueurs
    Both coffee and chocolate liqueurs are often dark in color and tend to use real coffee and/or chocolate in its creation. But artificial flavors can be used. Often neutral spirits are used as the base but any liquor family can be used.
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