Koch el Mezcal Mexicano

Mezcal Joven

Oaxaca, Mexico

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Double-distilled in small, handmade, copper-lined stills, this Mexicáno mezcal, like all the other Koch el de Oaxaca bottlings, is made in small batches, using artisanal methods and centuries old technology. Single-varietal Mexicáno (agave Rhodacantha) is a rare treat as the agave are difficult to find in the wild and can take well over a decade to mature.

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  • Mezcal Joven
    A spirit distilled from one or more different varieties of agave. Can only be produced in designated areas within 8 different Mexican states. Must be bottled in México. This is unaged or aged in stainless steel or plastic containers before bottling.
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Tasting Notes

"An intense and rustic mezcal, Mexicáno is never dainty and this one displays a wild and bold mix of flavors and aromas. The nose exhibits a range of aromas from vegetal (savory herbs, chili peppers), fruity (lemon and white plum), floral (violets), as well as pungent earthy and oily aromas (graphite and axle grease). The flavors are something completely different with over-ripe pineapple, baked apple, clove, fresh carrot, salt and salsa. It a bit of a rollercoaster ride and will never be described as boring!"

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