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With a brand history dating back to 1849, Lamb’s Navy Rum is a well-known commodity in the U.K. Per the company’s site, it’s a blend of eighteen different Caribbean rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana, playing off the same British naval tradition as Pusser’s rum. In addition to the 151 proof edition reviewed here, Lamb’s offers an 80 proof variation, as well as a spiced version. While Lamb’s doesn’t have U.S. distribution at the time of this writing, it’s also bottled in Canada and is readily available at duty free shops on the U.S./Canada border in an unusual 1.14 liter hexagonal shaped bottle.

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    Aged rum that are often blends of rums from English-colonized countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad, British Guyana, and Barbados. Technically, navy-strength rums are 54.5% ABV or higher, though not all overproof rums are Navy Rums. Taste-wise, Navy Rums are usually rich and funky, and best used in Tiki drinks or punches.
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"In the glass, the rum is an enticing, dark copper, likely from spirit caramel. At 151 proof, this isn’t intended as a sipping rum. Diluting it to 100 proof for tasting reveals roasted, woody demerara notes, similar to Lemon Hart, with little or no Jamaican fruity funkiness. This is a dry rum with little or no sugar added, not surprising given its target use in cocktails. This rum isn’t subtle - it functions best as warhorse in tropical drinks, bringing a huge slug of flavor and alcohol."

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