Little Book Chapter 02: Noe Simple Task

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Little Book // Multiple Countries

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Little Book is the annual limited edition whiskey series featuring new, unique blends created by Freddie Noe, 8th generation distiller of the Beam family. Little Book first launched in 2017 with the first "chapter" in the series, The Easy. The follow up, Noe Simple Task, took twice as long to settle on the final result, hence the name. The blend consists of 8 year-old Kentucky straight rye at 119.8 proof, 13 year-old Canadian rye whiskey at 111.9 proof, and 40 year-old Canadian whisky at 137.8 proof. The blend has no neutral grain components, despite the American blended whisky category's acceptance of it. Like Booker's Bourbon, Little Book whiskeys are uncut and unfiltered. Noe Simple Task hits shelves early August 2018.

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"Rummy pound cake and toffee lead on the nose, with cinnamon, cloves, dill rye bread, rooibos tea, and dates. The palate is at first soft and oily, showing a flash of heat then moving into brown sugar, light maple syrup, oak, cedar shavings, and baking spices. There's also a distinct jamminess. The finish is sharp, spicy, and drying. Ultimately Noe Simple Task was just that; a bit disjointed, the whole less than the parts in this case. "

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