Little Book Chapter 1: The Easy

Blended American Whiskey

Little Book // Kentucky, USA

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Little Book Chapter 01: The Easy is the first whiskey created by Freddie Noe, 8th generation whiskey maker and grandson of Booker Noe. Booker nicknamed Freddie "Little Book" hence the name of the whiskey. This will be an annual release with a different blend each year, and like Booker's Bourbon, will be uncut and unfiltered. This whiskey is not a bourbon, but a blended American whiskey comprised of all straight whiskey. The components: 13 year-old corn whiskey (aged in used barrels), 4 year-old bourbon, and rye and malt whiskey each aged about 6 years. All but the corn whiskey were aged in new, charred barrels. No neutral spirit, no color nor flavoring is added all of which are allowed in this category. Expected to hit shelves in October 2017.

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  • Blended American Whiskey
    Straight whiskey(s) must comprise at least 20% of the blend with the remainder comprised of whisky of any type or a grain neutral spirit or a combination of the two.
  • Cask Type
    used whiskey and new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"Freddie Noe is as apt at naming whiskeys as he is at making them. The Easy drinks that way with a heady sweet nose accented with cherry jam, vanilla, and butter. Mouthful is sweet as a caramel chew with hints of dark fruit and smoke. Luxuriously long finish with sweet fading into leather, oak, pepper, and baking spices."

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