Lost King Pacific Northwest Dry Gin

Modern Gin

Parliament Distillery // Washington, USA


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This strikingly ultramarine-colored gin is a homage to the native inhabitants of the United States' Pacific Northwest who perhaps were the first North Americans to infuse various herbs and botanicals into a spirituous concoction. The arresting azure color comes from a maceration of the Blue Centaurea flower native to Europe, but now grown in the northern U.S. and Canada. It is often used for its beautiful color in bouquets and often served on salad or other dishes. Besides the fluorescent-colored flower, the gin’s mash bill is fairly standard London-Dry-style and is distilled from 100% pure grain.

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    Also has been referred to as "Contemporary", "New Western", "New Wave", and "New American". This style is not legally defined. In general, this category of gin, while it does contain juniper, places less of an emphasis on this botanical. Other botanicals not classically used in London Dry gins are often utilized and often highlight botanicals grown in the region the gin is produced. Most produced as either London Dry or Distilled Gins.
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"Aromatically the immediately recognizable elements of juniper and citrus peel are pleasantly complimented by some more sweet/exotic tones such as nutmeg and cinnamon. The mouthfeel is both rich and soft with very little detectable alcohol in its smooth finish. Perhaps it’s not surprising, as for a London-Dry-style the 42% alcohol is on the lower end of the spectrum. This gin would best be enjoyed on its own, as that all of its delicately floral character would become lost or obscured when introduced to vermouth or even a more flavorful tonic. The finish is pleasantly soft and does have a touch of bitter angelica, but overall the gin lacks true complexity and finds itself a bit short. Kudos to the brilliant color though!"

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