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Michter's // Kentucky, USA

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Michter’s Original Sour Mash whiskey’s consumption peaked in the 1970s and 80s as it was the distillery’s most popular whiskey before disappearing from the market in 1989 shortly after the closure of the Pennsylvania distillery. It wasn't until 2012 that we saw Michter’s US*1 Original Sour Mash again with its reintroduction back to the market. Unable to be labeled as bourbon or rye, it is produced with a unique grain selection of nearly 50% corn with the remainder being rye, save a small amount of barley for fermentation, before being aged in new, charred American oak barrels and bottled at 86 proof.

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  • Other Whiskey
    A spirit distilled from a mash of grain(s) at less than 95% ABV, bottled at no less than 40% ABV. The product must have characteristics, taste, and aroma generally attributed to whiskey
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    new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"As a unique bourbon/rye hybrid, the nose lends aromas of chewy caramel and nougat, sweet stewed stone fruits, vanilla and spice. The flavors are rich and sweet with honey, butterscotch, and more vanilla, delicate eucalyptus, and bold spice with candied berries and orange peel. The finish lingers with spicy ginger, black pepper and cinnamon spice with hints of cooked fruits on the tail end. "

Score 84

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Sweet

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