Requested By 1901

Midleton Very Rare 2020


Midleton // Ireland

Requested By 1901

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The whiskeys used for Midleton Very Rare 2020 were selected by master distiller Brian Nation in his final days in that role. Whiskeys that were aged from 13-35 years were included in the blend and lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak were used for maturation. As always, single pot still and single grain whiskeys were chosen, but this year has a higher percentage of single pot still compared to previous vintages. Additionally, there was an increase use of refill barrels. Available in Ireland as of October 2020 with the UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Global Travel Retail to follow in the coming months.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Blended
    Comprised of both single malt(s) and single grain(s) often from many different distilleries; if Scotch or Irish must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels; Irish may include single pot still whiskey in the blend.
  • Cask Type
    lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels

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