Mister Sam Blended Whiskey (2019 Release)

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Mister Sam // Multiple Countries

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Mister Sam Blended Whiskey is a limited release from the Sazerac Company which pays tribute to Sam Bronfman, the late Seagram's patriarch. Seagram's, based in Canada, was once the largest spirits company in the world. Today, Sazerac owns 15 iconic Seagram's brands and its former distillery in Montreal. This whiskey was crafted by Sazerac's master blender Drew Mayville who happened to also be the fourth and final master blender for Seagram's. This is a blend of American and Canadian whiskeys under the Sazerac umbrella of brands. This will be an annual release with the 2019 edition available in the US and Canada beginning April 2019.

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Tasting Notes

"Drew Mayville juiced whisky from dynamite for this striking blend. This whisky explodes on the nose with mature oak, dark fruits, tobacco and fresh cut lumber – every astonishing drop is fine-tuned to a precise point. The palate is grand with toasted oak baking spices blended effortlessly with brown sugar and vanilla shifting into rock-solid orchard fruits. A finish of dark cherry, soft citrus and maple add complexity and depth to the whisky's wood accents. "

Score 96

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Full Bodied