Navazos-Palazzi Montilla Old Brandy Single Cask (Bottled August 2013)


Navazos-Palazzi // La Mancha, Spain


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A Spanish brandy distilled by Bodegas Carbonell in Aguilar de la Frontera from the wine of the Airén grape from La Mancha. It was aged for fifty years in a single Oloroso Montilla cask making it incredibly rare. Only 720, 375ml bottles were produced and it was bottled at cask-strength without any sugars, colorings or any other adulterants.

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    Brandy distilled in Spain, with Brandy de Jerez being the most common type. Brandy de Jerez is typically produced from the Airén grape from La Mancha and can be either column-distilled or pot-distilled. Must be aged in the Jerez region, though typically distilled elsewhere. It must be aged in oak that has previously held sherry wine and is usually aged in a Solera system.
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Tasting Notes

"Upon first glance, you know you're not in Kansas anymore. The color is as dark as a cup of coffee. You are then bombarded by an array of aromas ranging from green beans, coffee, chocolate-covered raisins, and old leather. There’s a touch of gasoline found as well. The palate continues much of the same as the aroma with an emphasis on sweet, rich flavors, dried fruits, and nuts. This brandy is rustic and dirty but in the most alluring way possible and the acidity is shockingly fresh and balanced, particularly for a brandy of this age. If you can find a bottle, do yourself a favor and treat yourself."

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