Dunedin Doublewood 10 Year

Single Grain

New Zealand Whisky Collection // South Island, New Zealand


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From Willowbank Distillery in Dunedin, New Zealand, (what was once the world's southernmost distillery until they closed), comes the 10 Year Old Doublewood. This little oddity was aged for 6 years in American oak before finishing in French oak ex-New Zealand pinot noir barrels for an additional four years. The distillery itself closed in 1997, with the last of the 80,000 liters (443 barrels) bought in 2010 by the New Zealand Whisky Company who have released this bottling.

  • age
    10 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Single Grain
    Distilled from a grain or mixture of grains, usually corn, wheat, or barley from one distillery, if Scotch or Irish must be aged for at least three years in barrels.
  • Cask Type
    American oak, finished in French ex-New Zealand pinot noir wine casks

Tasting Notes

"The nose starts with vanilla and continues on through towards dark, ripe cherries with a fudge sweetness and toffee quality. This moves into fresh fruit with honey, tree sap, and a tiny hint of pepper. It is quite tannic and rough on the tongue, with a hint of acetone, but vanilla tree-nuts and hints of dark fruits making an appearance. A prickly mouthfeel ensues which is somewhat sulphuric but gradually sweetens towards the end. The finish is surprisingly long with an echoing sweetness that improves over time. It freshens the mouth before teasing hints of fresh berry flavors. "

Score 81

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Tart