Novo Fogo Barrel-Aged Cachaça


Novo Fogo // Paraná, Brazil

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This Barrel-Aged Cachaça is made from certified organic sugarcane that is crushed within 24 hours of harvest at the Novo Fogo estate in Morretes, Paraná. It is fermented over 18 hours, distilled once in copper pot stills and aged for 2 - 3 years in Four Roses bourbon barrels that have been taken apart, sanded and lightly re-toasted. Fun fact: The distillery is built into a hill so that gravity naturally lets the cachaça travel from fermentation to distillation to barreling to bottling.

  • age
    2 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Cachaça
    Produced in Brazil. Distilled from sugarcane juice. If aged, at least 50% of product must be at least 1 year old. The types of barrels used are not specified, but often utilize Brazilian wood. Up to 6 grams of sugar per liter may be added.
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Tasting Notes

"This is a rich style of cachaça with toasted notes of caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, and baking spices. The tropical character of the distillate still shines through with banana, pineapple, and ginger, and of herbal notes of mint and chive. A pleasant bitterness akin to walnuts (hence why so many say this tastes of "banana bread") brings it into the smooth, sippable finish."

Score 92

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Sweet & Fruity

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