Octomore Ten Years Dialogos

Peated Single Malt

Octomore // Islay, Scotland

    1. Soba45

      Tasted December 5, 2019
      4.5 out of 5 stars
      The Santa chronicles #3. A long long time ago (last xmas to be exact) a young girl at the tender age of 5 asked her dad why the presents from Santa said 'Made in China'. Ah said the man its because Chinese elves are cheaper than those in the North Pole. "How does Santa get the presents if they are in China" she asked do the reindeer fly there to pick them up? No said the man due to the worldwide postal union it is very cheap to ship from China to the North Pole. A great man called Trump who will make things great again (except if you are Mexican, an immigrant or basically anyone who doesn't love country music) is going to sort it out so reindeer can fairly compete in international shipping again. "Why do you say he is a great man?" asked the girl "as you always swear at the tv and call him a useless idiot?". Ah said the man it's like when your mother says that to your daddy...she's showing how much she loves him. The girl persisted "If shipping is so cheap from China why dont they ship it to us instead of the North Pole" said the girl. At this point the man realised that perhaps he wasn't smarter than a 5 year old so he did what all good dad's do in this situation and patted her on the head and said "Isn't it time for tv"? He then went to his man den and celebrated his wisdom and parenting skills with a whiskey. It was a good whisky but not as awesome as this whisky. Finally said the man an Octomore deserving of the price. Fantastically balanced and with an aftertaste longer than a supermodels legs. Once again the man gave praise to Santa aka @PBMichiganWolverine for an awesome xmas present and went to bed dreaming of what the next night would bring.
    2. Scott_E

      Tasted November 9, 2019
      4.25 out of 5 stars
      Courtesy through the generosity of @PBMichiganWolverine, this sample is well timed. A chilling Northeastern November needs a warm and peat. With Octomore, this dram checks off those simple requirements. An aramatic opening of sweet peat that is dominate with hickory-smoked bacon. Slowly working through the seams of peat and savory domination, a sweetness of rich dark chocolate, vanilla, apples, and pomegranate seep in. There are calming earthy notes of leather, tobacco, damp autumn leaves sprinkled with minerals and metallics. Oily and viscous that delivers a large dose of phenolics, cigar ash, wood and black pepper with spices that are like pins and needles to the palate. Amongst all this energy are streams of sweetness which fills in the edges. Caramel, vanilla custard, brown sugar. An everlasting ashy and menthol with caramel comprise a finish. Oak tannins provide a drying sensation. Warming deep down which is perfect on a cool November evening. A touch of water tones down the pins and needles and the sweetness is more prevalent. Even more approachable and preferable. A peat lovers dram. Balanced in spice and sweet. Though somewhat simple as described by words is actually more complex in experience. What makes this different than most other peaty, smoky drams is that this is somehow approachable. It doesn’t bite your face but draws you in with its sweet and pungent aromas and flavors. The time and aging have made this a fantastic pour. [92/100][Tasted: 11/9/19]
    3. Simon-Pak

      Tasted October 12, 2019
      3.5 out of 5 stars
      Nose: Peaty, a bit of grassy, woody Palate: Sweet and peaty
      10.0 USD per Pour
    4. dubz480

      Tasted October 7, 2019
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Best peated dram I have ever tasted. Period! So darn complex it's hard to keep up! The peat smoke is there but it's incredibly in balance with everything else. Dense vanilla, dark chocolate, tobacco, red berries, sultanas, leather and even some clove. The peat is there for the ride the whole way but just intertwined with all those other notes. Finish is still going.... Just a knock out. Big thanks to @PBMichiganWolverine for the sample! As usual he came thru with a special dram! Cheers all!

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    6. Pat-Sorohan

      Tasted September 26, 2019
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Wish I had done this while I was actually tasting it, but it was an amazing whisky and I was lucky to have it. Hope I'll be able to break it down more another time
    7. Richard-ModernDrinking

      Tasted September 22, 2019
      4.5 out of 5 stars
      Silky sweet, the years have mellowed this Octomore to the point where it’s quite laid back by the standards of the series. The oiliness helps it go down very easy neat. One of the standouts from my meet up with @PBMichiganWolverine
    8. PBMichiganWolverine

      Tasted September 21, 2019
      4.75 out of 5 stars
      In our tasting yesterday evening at @Richard-ModernDrinking ‘s, for me, this came out #2 out of the 12 we sampled. Bested only by Michter’s 10yr 2019. I expected a punch in the face from this, being an Octomore. Instead, I got a great balance between smoke, citrus, and sooty tar. The 10 yrs must have really calmed the embers, despite it being such a high ABV and over 160ppm peat phenol. Highly recommended if it’s still available—-you’d be surprised how well a bit of age balances all the flavors. I gotta say...best Octomore I’ve had.
    9. byip12

      Tasted August 18, 2019
      4.5 out of 5 stars
      Nose is a lot lighter than expected. And the palate is actually soft with lots of interesting notes of vanilla and caramel with a nice easy cigar smoke finish
      20.0 GBP per Pour
      The Balmoral
    10. Hjl

      Tasted August 15, 2019
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Holy hell it's amazing.
    11. atknapp

      Tasted July 3, 2019
      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Yup, the five-star rating is well-deserved. Powerful nose (unsurprisingly with the ABV), but on the tongue, there’s an amazing bronzed bloom of warmth and sunlight - don’t laugh - and a spicy finish that seriously goes on for at least two full minutes.
      Soho Whisky Club
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