Papa's Pilar Platinum Blonde Limited Edition

Gold Rum

Papa's Pilar // Multiple Countries

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The Cuban-style rum is made from the same five column-distilled rums used in the brand's flagship Blonde Rum which are sourced from the Caribbean, the US, and Central America. However the ratio of the rums, aged 2-7 years, will vary. The rums are "solera blended" in former bourbon and sherry barrels. Additionally, this is bottled at 92 proof versus the standard 84 proof for the Blonde Rum. Beginning August 2018, 2000 cases will be available of Papa's Pilar Platinum Blonde Limited Edition.

  • age
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  • Gold Rum
    Rum that is often aged, but can also just have caramel-coloring added to provide color. No specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for aging for most countries with a few exceptions.
  • Cask Type
    ex-bourbon & ex-sherry

Tasting Notes

"The aroma is a touch grassy with some tropical fruit present. Overall it is a rum with a low intensity, flavorwise. Mostly you will taste and feel the sweetness in the rum. Not one to sip, really better to use in a mixed drink...think fruit juices or ginger ale rather than cola. Increased proof is a pleasant addition as it provides just the right amount of bite. "

Score 81

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