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Paranubes Rum

Other Sugarcane

Oaxaca, Mexico

Requested By davnyoung
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Paranubes Rum is made from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice from sugarcane grown near the Sierra Mazateca Mountains in northern Oaxaca. Master distiller, Jose Luis Carrera uses four different types of sugarcane, with CaƱa Criolla being the featured cane. Unusually, Paranubes is made with a rolling wild fermentation which is only completely drained every four months. Otherwise, the fermentation goes for 24-48 hours with only half removed each day for distillation (a wood-fire copper column still). Bottled at 54% ABV, no water is used to bring the rum to proof. Only lower and higher proof rum is added.

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  • Other Sugarcane
    For any other sugarcane spirits such as Charanda or aguardiente. If not made from sugarcane, will list in the description if made with honey, maple syrup, sugar beets, etc.
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