Partida Roble Fino Reposado

Tequila Reposado

Partida // Tequila Valley, Jalisco, Mexico

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Partida Roble Fino Reposado Tequila is made with 100% estate-grown blue weber agave. First, the tequila is aged for six months in ex-bourbon barrels. Then the tequila is transferred to ex-Scotch whisky single malt sherry-seasoned casks for two additional months. Roble Fino translates to "fine oak". It is bottled at 43% ABV and available in limited release in the US beginning September 16, 2020.

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  • Tequila Reposado
    Distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, it is aged from 2 months up to a year in barrels no larger than 20,000 L. Any type of wood is acceptable, although ex-bourbon barrels are most common. Reposado translates to "rested".
  • Cask Type
    ex-bourbon and ex-single malt sherry-seasoned casks

Tasting Notes

"The aroma wafting from the glass is much sweeter than the impression this tequila makes on the palate. Plenty of vanilla and caramel (like flan) coat the tongue, but there's a roasted agave note that cuts through the sweetness, and just enough herbal funk that keeps it from tasting too overoaked and sweet. "

Score 87

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Rich