Pearse Lyons Reserve

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Pearse Lyons // USA

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Pearse Lyons Reserve is a tribute to the founder and master distiller of the Alltech Brewing and Distilling Co., Dr. Pearse Lyons. An Irishman with a Ph.D in Biochemistry, Dr. Lyons wanted to make a malt whiskey with the traditions of the old country and the ingredients of America. This whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley and twice-distilled in imported Scottish copper stills. It's matured in ex-bourbon barrels that also aged the brewery's flagship Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

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  • Other Whiskey
    A spirit distilled from a mash of grain(s) at less than 95% ABV, bottled at no less than 40% ABV. The product must have characteristics, taste, and aroma generally attributed to whiskey
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    Ex-Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

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