Peychaud's Bitters

Non-Potable Bitters

Peychaud's // Kentucky, USA

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Peychaud's Bitters were created in 1838 by a Creole apothecary named Antoine Amédée Peychaud in New Orleans. The bitters were used to create a popular drink served in New Orleans coffee houses (drinking establishments). One bar, the Sazerac Coffee House, served a drink made with their house brandy and Peychaud's Bitters in the 1850s. The cocktail -- the Sazerac -- got its name from the bar. Today Peychaud's Bitters are made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery according to the original recipe and owned by the Sazerac Company.

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  • Non-Potable Bitters
    Non-potable bitters are used more like flavoring agents (like salt and pepper) for your drink rather than for drinking straight. Made from the infusion of spices, herbs, roots, fruit peels, etc. in a neutral alcohol base. Gentian and quinine are often used. The degree of bitterness varies as does the flavor profiles.
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