Prichard's Sweet Georgia Belle Peach Mango Rum

Flavored Rum

Prichard's Distillery // Tennessee, USA

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This Peach Mango Rum is distilled by Prichard's Distillery in Tennessee. The molasses used was sourced from Louisiana and distilled in traditional copper pot-stills. This 70 proof, flavored rum is infused with all-natural peaches and mangoes.

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  • Flavored Rum
    Rum that has been flavored, either naturally or artificially, with the predominant flavor(s) stated on the label.
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Tasting Notes

"The aroma of the rum is fruit-forward with a swirl of peach and mango on a base of vanilla sweet rum. Sipping the rum reveals the peach fruit flavors dominating the profile while the mango nips and augments it around the edges. There is a lightly pleasant alcohol note married with the mango nipping around the tongue before taking over in a long sweet finish. This rum delivers the promised flavor profile with out the artificial/oily mouth feel that you have in other flavor rum products."

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Fruity & Sweet