Redemption Barrel Proof 9 Year Bourbon (2017 Edition)


Redemption // Indiana, USA

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Redemption's Barrel Proof Collection first started in late 2015. These limited edition whiskeys are offered with the same mashbills as their standard bottlings, but are bottled at cask strength, each year's batch will varying slightly. This straight bourbon has a mashbill of 76% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley. Bottled at 54.1% ABV, it aged in new, charred American oak for 9 years. 2017 marks a new look for the Barrel Proof Collection with wider, squat bottles.

  • age
    9 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Bourbon
    Produced anywhere in USA; Mash bill of at least 51% corn; aged in new, charred oak containers.
  • Cask Type
    new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"The nose is whisper-light with hints of vanilla, dried fruit and candied nuts plus citrus. The bourbon is hot on the palate with an initial hit of sticky toffee, caramel corn, more dried fruit and vanilla. The medium-length finish finds the sweet fading into dry leather and strong spices, especially cinnamon."

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Flavor Profile

Spicy & Vanilla

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