Regans' Orange Bitters No. 6

Non-Potable Bitters

Regans' // USA

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Regans' Orange Bitters No. 6 was created by former bartender, writer, and spirits educator Gaz Regan, then called Gary. He based the recipe on an orange bitters he found in Charles H. Baker Jr.'s book "The Gentleman's Companion." After attempt number four, Gaz partnered with the Sazerac Company to perfect the recipe. Upon the 6th attempt, the recipe was deemed ready.

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  • Non-Potable Bitters
    Non-potable bitters are used more like flavoring agents (like salt and pepper) for your drink rather than for drinking straight. Made from the infusion of spices, herbs, roots, fruit peels, etc. in a neutral alcohol base. Gentian and quinine are often used. The degree of bitterness varies as does the flavor profiles.
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