Rusty Piton Corn Whiskey


Gristmill Distillers // New York, USA

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Gristmill distillers has built an operation in upstate New York for the local ingredients. They source their corn and apples (for apple brandy) from Essex and Peru. This whiskey is made from 100% corn and doesn’t see anytime in barrel. Note: This is sold in 375ml sized bottles.

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    Mash bill at least 80% corn, no requirement to age, but if aged, must be in either new un-charred oak barrels or used oak barrels.
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Tasting Notes

"After examining this from all angles you can safely say it’s corn whiskey. You get an oily sweetness from the nose to the finish that is indicative of high-corn content distillates. Meanwhile, you’ll also get the impression this just came off the still with notes of raw alcohol and banana taffy. The palate is a little more pleasing due to its creamy texture and raw cocoa finish. All in all, this whiskey is not unlike many modern politicians--vanilla, inoffensive, and you can see right through it."

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Flavor Profile

Vanilla & Sweet