Sipsmith London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Sipsmith // England

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After working in the drink industry in the US, Cornwall natives and friends, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall decided they wanted to pursue their shaded passion for creating craft spirits. Teaming up with spirit developer Jared Brown, they started their new distillery in 2009. They named their distillery "Sipsmith," a word they created to describe their profession as craft spirit producers. Their first product, Sipsmith London Dry Gin, is made with 10 botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, licorice root, orris root, ground almond, cassia bark, cinnamon, and orange and lemon peel. After distillation, the gin is bottled at 41.6% ABV.

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  • London Dry Gin
    Neutral spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals. In the US, the minimum ABV is 40%; In the EU, it is 37.5%. Originally, only made in London, this can be made anywhere. No artificial flavors or colors can be added. Only water, neutral grain spirit, and sugar (no more than 0.1g/l) can be added.
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Tasting Notes

"Classic London Dry aromas here. The rooty/bark notes come to the forefront followed by the Seville orange peel with the juniper present. These flavors harken a hot drink preparation (like say, a toddy) which is something we recommend you try."

Score 89

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Flavor Profile

Spicy & Juniper

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