Sivó L'Essence du Single Malt 1st Edition


Sivó // Quebec, Canada


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Based out of Montérégie (just north of the New York/Quebec border), la Maison Sivo is a part of the growing micro-distillery movement sweeping through Canada, which saw at least seven new distilleries in 2015. The house produces a number of spirits, with the crown jewel being its L'Essence du Single Malt Whisky, made from Quebec-grown malted barley and aged around a year in 225-liter Cornish oak barrels. Bottled without filtration at 42% ABV. As it isn't aged for at least 3 years, the Canadian requirement for whisky, it can't technically be called "whisky" there.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Spirit
    In the US, a spirit whiskey is produced by blending at least 5% whiskey (can be more) and no more than 20% straight whiskey with neutral spirit. In the EU and Canada, a grain spirit doesn't qualify as a whisky due to its age under 3 years.
  • Cask Type
    Cornish oak barrels

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