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Smith & Cross // Jamaica

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One of the most beloved rums in the mixology and Tiki communities, Smith & Cross is revered for bringing back the funky, high-hogo style of rum that had been sadly absent for many years. Distilled at the Hampden distillery in Jamaica, it’s a blend of two styles of pot-stilled rum, Plummer and Wedderburn, which fall at different points on the funkiness scale. Its gold color implies more aging than you might expect – the oldest rum here is three years, and most is far younger.

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  • Navy Rum
    Aged rum that are often blends of rums from English-colonized countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad, British Guyana, and Barbados. Technically, navy-strength rums are 54.5% ABV or higher, though not all overproof rums are Navy Rums. Taste-wise, Navy Rums are usually rich and funky, and best used in Tiki drinks or punches.
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Tasting Notes

"The nose of this highly aromatic rum leads with overripe banana, followed by leather, spice, and molasses. Sipping yields additional fruity esters and a touch of sweetness, but without the viscosity of added sugar. The finish is more tobacco, spice, and citrusy grapefruit. At 114 proof, it has a moderate burn, and it is not promoted as sipping rum. However, if you can’t get enough hogo in your life, carry on and sip away. "

Score 92

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Hogo & Fruity

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